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Indian Railways has one of the largest railway networks in the world. Both passenger and freight trains crisscrossing the country makes it one of the busiest as well. Massive initiatives have been taken by successive governments to reduce the dependency on Diesel by Electrification of the Tracks. Last 5 years has seen immense increase in the electrification of the routes, around 16889 RKM was completed by 31st March 2020, which is 345% increase against previous five years IR data (2010-11 to 2014-15 - 3793 RKM). During the year 2019-20 alone, CORE has electrified 2606 RKM. 

OmSai Udoyg, one of the major players in the Railway Electrification, has been instrumental in supplying premium grade copper conductors to the IR for its electrification projects spread across the country. Following are the few major projects

•    Dedicated Freight Corridor Projects
•    DMRC
•    LMRC
•    MMRCL
•    HMR